Android Q Beta 5 is Out! - What's New?

Google released Android Q Beta 5 to developers and beta testers today. Android Q is the new version of Android and available to test on Pixel, Pixel 3a, OPPO,OnePlus, Xioami and many more devices. I show you all the new features including gestures, notification changes, dark mode tweaks, home screen changes and more on the Pixel 3 XL. #androidq #madebygoogle #android

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793 комментариев
Alpha Goat
that force dark mode function is like a dream for me
Can't wait next year until samsung flagships get the update
Sam 00
Finally background is black at bootup, use to blind me especially in a dark room. Love the swipe from left or right of screen to go back use that feature all the time. Great video as always.
M Morales
That boot up animation looks badass all black like that 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Tech 'n' Tricky
I love one ui in galaxy s9......!
Hope samsung will provide android q based one ui 2.0 next yr...
Suryateja GT
Will this update come to nokia 5.1 and nokia 6.1 plus? Cuz nokia says 2 years of android update!??
NeoX Ikaros
Takes a bit of time for the Android Beta to get released but Is Always worth the wait for your videos Aaron. *Thanks For The Update*
I hope them Google assistant corner gestures don't show up every time you switch apps, that would be annoying
Salis Salman
Searched "android q beta 5" and not even surprised your video is on the top. I haven't updated yet to the latest beta because I wait for your video first.
Brent Bisaillion
I wouldn't notice or benefit from any of these updates.
Finally,stock android looks great.
Why the bloody stock widgets aren't having rounded corners? And why when squeeze for assistant, isn't in dark mode?
Juan Dela Cruz
Is there an update regarding on memory optimization on Android Q?
Miguel Heredia
I don’t personally own an Android phone , but seeing something other than iOS is nice 👍🏻
kishan sisangia
Magic UI 2/emui 9.1 provides gesture control. Nothing new.
élie de boulatsel
The oppo reno z will have the official release of android q?
Charles Walker
Can you remove/disable the Google search bar at the base of the home screen?
my only concern with gestures is how is Samsung going to modify it so that it doesn't accidentally trigger Samsung pay. cause sometimes i accidentally pull it up much-less for when this system is adopted!!
David Chan
It keeping looking more good beta 6 and final ahead just waiting on my moto one phone
Akul __
The only time I feel good to have bought an Android One phone.
Anil Chandra
Is it support for OnePlus 6 device
Watchma allmix
Android Q for poco f1? If there any so please help . 😊
Faisal Alam
I want that nebula blue wallpaper 😍
Conta Dois
It seems that after 10 versions Pure Android still won`t have swipe down on the screen to bring down the notifications!
Yeah, the gestures are a complete mess.
Get riono
is this a low version of ios ?
Mr. Shoobi
Will Huawei Y9 get this update too?
Swapnil Mhaske
I updated my pixel2xl and I dont get that black bootup screen. Still the old white one.
I just can't wait for Android Q.
It's looking better and better. I'll probably still wait on the full release though, as I'm worried about possible battery issues.
Sun Taylor
My Google Assistant turned on when you said " Open Google Assistant" 2:54 in the video
Mahi Jat
omg i don't know that PIN function is there before or not but after installing this my pubg will not close acciedently by gestures :)
suvin seal
the dark mode is gorgeous
Abraham Tirta
still not consistent beetwen system gestures and apps(even from google).
Harsh Singh
Really cool wallpaper /Thanks😍😍
Feggies - MLBB
I thought iphone is the only phone with a large notch,

Google pixel is waving at me.
Norman Li
Seems there are no signifcant changes from Android Pie.
Evan O'Donovan
so basically force dark mode is a replacement for substratum dark theming?
Frank the Ant
Beta 5 has been amazing. It's so much faster now. I've only got a 3a and everything is smoother, things launch faster and even games feel more fluid.
Can iOS do this 😂😂😂
Ariel Veras
Can clash of clans open with this Beta?
Ryan Menor
Wishing to have this in my realme 3 🤔
Sam Pomare
 GANG all day but Android Q looks great.

Good stuff Google. Loved the boot up.
Dennie Bone
I'm watching this video on my Essential PH1 running Android Q beta 5 and this device is amazingly super smooth. It's the most underated champ still going strong in 2019.
Dixit patel
plz add face notify
M casablanca
Samsung A50 ??!!
aggelos poulas
Nokia 8.1 and not the pureview? Jesus Christ
Glory !!!!!!
Android Q = dark theme....
I think we get better user interface updates on basic devices like mi phones , realme..etc...👍
Really informative and useful as always. In the next beta could you take a look at the android desktop mode on the pixel 3/XL.
Milind Sinha
Does the dual SIM dual standby function work in the Pixel?
DreamOf Yuky
All features are almost on JoyUi in Blackshark 🤔
Rishad D'souza
Q is looking set to be quite a robust update. Can't wait for the full version to use on my Pixel 3a
The Pinning and The Corner Google assistant features are on my Huawei P30 Pro LoL
Feggies - MLBB
I think that navigation line can be a back button too, like just tapping it.
Hey, iOS user here, you have some nice features there!
Omni Versal
Personally, I like the OneUI interface better.
Johan E
"Scrolling is super smooth", Nah it's not (Oneplus 7 Pro Owner)
Eagerly waited for this fact I opened your channel twice.. around 1 am..then I realised that ooh I am in India..😂
Nice video as always..
Adnan Faysal
im just hating these two arrow showing at the bottom corner and thanks for the video😊...i found u the first to review the beta😊 love from Bangladesh ❤
Albert Navas
bro im loving the new Andriod q bro WOW!!!!!! Is so Good!! cant wait to get the pixel 4 xl
One doesn't reboot/start up in dark mode.
Little things like leaving the wallpaper in the bio is awesome. Thanks!
WOW man that was fast!!! great video!
i hope the forced dark mode makes it to the final build.
the assistant gesture animation in the corners look too distracting for my liking tho
Paul Hamilton
Does dark theme make much difference to battery life?
Anupam Mahato
Samsung will get the updates after 2 years for sure.
gatimu eg
I’m not getting the new dark startup screen on beta 5
Even if i overide force dark in developer options
Johan Channel
How stable is beta 5? Thinking about downloading on my Pixel 3a.
Jonathan Engelbart
Thank you so much for the wallpaper! It's so damn clean.

But also I always look forward to these videos to see what I didn't notice in the beta
They have to fix that gesture home line a by fixing it I mean have a option to disable it. Also why the hell it's not in fullscreen? :D
Soule Innocent
J'adore vraiment Android mais côté beauté d'interface c'est pas encore ça.. j'espère que le Beta 6 viendra avec un très bel interface
Fadil Priyantoro
Xiaomi 8 MIUI 10 is up ahead 😏
My Mi Diary
Thanks Aaron for your review! 🙏
Ahmed Shareef
When it's coming to Nokia 7 plus,
Gorun Jinian
That Google Assistant animation is neat, specially when you're squeezing the phone. Thanks again for the video.
Great vid overview on the beta 5. Gestures still need a lot more polishing. Q still feels pretty unfinished, hopefully Google will ramp things up in the next month and a half.
Kelvin Wu
Override dark theme is just fantastic. Thanks Zollo for the summary !
CB Gaming
Ur audio is so baaaad
edwar elsayegh
i cannot find pin om beta 5
and could you please send me a link for wallpaper
Running Rabbit
1:08 you don't need to flip the phone to show the Google logo to identify as Google pixel 3, even aliens can see that giant notch from galaxy & identify it as pixel 3 😂😂
Yo mine doesn't have that dark theme on boot up.
Suraj SD
Soo Android Q is just ice cream Sandwich remake
nokia 5 will gets this update ? 😒
Caleb Ransom
I can't wait I think I'm going to get the pre order for the note 10 +/pro
Jim Bob
I wonder what this looks like on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. Probably like a budget version of the Pixel...
adriano raffaele
its looking great thanks for the updates as always see you next time
Sydney Atutahi
Nice video thanks for the info dude🤛🏼
SUnia khan
Yeh kon models mein ho ga
Redi Lataj
I love watching your android videos even tho i have an iPhone.
Marvin Knapp
Even with the developers Options i can't force the dark theme...can anyone Help me? BR
Vihaan Balakrishnan
Does it work on the S10
If it does is it worth the update
MIke White
great info.
I am running the q beta 5 on a Pixel 2 xl
issues: I no longer have the Google cards left of the home screen
I can't use Google search from the Google bar

any suggestions
Aditya Basu
come on buddy, why did you degrade from 60fps videos?
I hope Google removes the background behind the navigation bar.
Lake Wylie!?!?! Shouts out to SC
Thanks for the coverage.
I can't update my Pixel 3a. Where's the update?
Aj J
I am still on 5.1 lollipop ,
God bless me.
Amer Mostafa
Im really sad that not every phone from last 3 years .. getting Android Q update that's the worst part about Android
Idk why but this reminds me of those sweet days of Ice Cream Sandwich/JellyBean Days so much
Life of Luis
I love this rendition tbh
Monday Moron
Google is doing amazing job in software front. My eyes was on that Bathtub notch throughout the video.

Sorry Google, you should hire better designing team.