Honor 9 Lite Android Pie and Emui 9.1 - New Features!

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150 комментариев
Mine is lagging so much
sebastian a
Those are features from emui 9 not 9.1.....
nimesh sharma
I didnt get update for 9 pie
David Novák
I've updated it and i still have the bar with those three buttons (back button, home button and multitasking) 😅
Bobbo Robbo
T so sgamat! Sei di santeramo! Io di cassano, grande video! Continua così u fra
Govindu Koppisetti
Broo please secret codes send me please 9.0 version
Mizo C&F
Gesture Already Added before pie update
Lukáš Pavlica
I can ask if the update has already arrived (OTA) or installed it manually ... Thank you
Fernando Stanic
this update make my honor 9 lite lagy, slow, camera is slow and bad, soudn control is now worse, batery is bad. Never ever gona buy HONOR or HUAWEI phone again
venz VFX
Please reset your mobile, if you are experiencing lagginess (Tried with my phone, now it is so fast then old update..)
Death 364
What is the wallpaper you are using if you could say the name of it
Julian Martens
Hey, where do you get your provile picture?
Sahim Mondal
When honor 9n update release?
This is update is trash
Mat Servi
Perché non riesco a vedere le notifiche se non aprendo l'applicazione?
jeremy enjaynes
Its weird how my y6 pro has all the features and it is in emui 9.0
Dr. Sucuk
my is laggy and i cant wish from chrome to homescreen back like you
Abdelilah Abidi
my honor 9 lite lagy with this update 😠😠😠😠
Sheeju Vijayakumar
When this reach india
Cuțu Roz
There is also something with Screenshots :)
Rafi cheman
how i have all this feature before the update? 😂 lol btw im using p20
Federico Gori
Ciao :) grazie per il video!
Mauro Esse
Quindi fotocamera continua a fare foto tutte smarmellate sotto la sufficienza e in 3 GB di aggiornamento cambia poco e niente? La batteria come si comporta?
Will honor play get android 10?
I am so happy because my phone (too honor 9 lite) now is more beauti
zubair shah
Bro i am also using honor 9lite but i didn't get any update 🤔
Ogi Games HD
Do you know will my y7 2019 get emui 9
Kathiravan B.E
Anand Mahadevan
The cam. Interface actually changed and new light painting modes are introduced
Nomi Khan
When will be honor 8c EAMU 9 update realsas.?
Ichinose Kai
Try gaming test
Does it have gmaolil?
Bryan Boy mansour
Will my mate 10 lite get the android 9 pie update?
Mere 9 lite me ये अपडेट नहीं हैं क्या करो
Setting me अपडेट 8.0 है.. चेकिंग karne पर already बता रहा हैं
・ I r ๏ ɴ ʍ a͡ n ・
Will huawei mate 10 lite get emui 9?
Muhammad Haseeb
Honor 10 lite will be update emui 9.1 or not
Vish Aa
How to switch between open apps on gesture in honor 9 lite like iphone x
Vijay Singh
मुझे अभी तक अपडेट नही मिला है क्या करना चाहिए honor 9 lietमे अपना सुझाव दे
Captain America
My Honor 8 pro already got this in April.Flagship is flagship nothing else...If you bought this 9 lite u have to wait...for update
Flagship's have more priority to give updates first
How did you upgrade to emui 9.1?
João Tocha
Wtf how does honor 9 lite have emui 9.1 and honor 10 no?!
Muhamad Alfiansyah
Bang cara updt nya gimana ke Android 9 pie
Lorenzo I
God the ignorance in this comment section... You need to reset your phone after a major update like this. If anything it would have been optimal to backup your data and then factory reset for the best effect possible, but a simple reset should be just fine. Just boot up the phone by holding the volume up key and then select wipe cache partition. Then you're good to go
Ten Ten
Thats EMUI 9.0. Why give false information? Such a shame!
Tokyo Ghoul