Oneplus 6 Android 9.0 Pie Oxygen OS Tips & Tricks | Oneplus 6 Android Pie Features

OxygenOS is one of the best implementations of Android currently available. Instead of offering a heavily customized interface like its Chinese rivals, OnePlus has kept things simple, adding a few differentiating features on top of a vanilla user interface. There are enough tweaks and gestures that let you customize your experience, but the focus is on performance.

If you are a Oneplus 6 User then you may know that new oxygen OS based on Android Pie is already out and it brings some new tricks up its sleeve.

And that’s exactly why today I will be showing some Amazing tricks of Oxygen OS based on Android P.

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Eagle Akshay
Watching on One Plus 6
Nikunj Ahuja
Almost all the features are in Android 8 version on OnePlus
mahen sam
Are u using Beta version or Stable version... As i m using stable version and m not having google assistant features as u had showed in video..
Hidden space should have pin/fingerprint protection. Bcz other one plus user frnds know this anyway 😉😉
Paul Padung
What one plus case or cover are you using..
Bishal Sen HDRI
Watching on Oneplus 3.
Today i got OxygenOS 5.0.6 UPDATE & Latest Security Patch..
I can't even imagine switching from Oneplus device to any other!!
Prabhu Kumar
Just picc nd place ur decice near ear to attend call
Dr.N.M.Waqilul Islam Nil
Watching from one plus 5T.. love u one plus... I don't want to switch from one plus.. and my next phone will be another one plus
Macleen Silva
Which icon pack r u using???
Dhari alown
Guys i love indian people but i always thought you can improve your accent
Pramod P Uthaman
Nice video. Waiting for Poco F1 videos.
rob green
Wi fi tethering/ hotspot doesn't seem to work since Android Pie update
mayur jadhav
No new features on pie....
these all r Already HV all the features....
So, small diff.between pie and Oreo of oxygen os
darksun b
Hey mate, 3 questions:
1. Does the screen rotate button appear on the OxygenOS gesture navigation option?
2. What's the game you demoed?
3. What's that superb case you were using?
Sandy Sailesh
Quick google assistant option is not available after the stable rollout android 9 pie update #setting #button and getures ... Kindly check it ..I'm using avengers edition OnePlus 6✌️
Aman Kumar Sah
I like the os new feature
naveen thyagu
Bro where did u get this case for your OnePlus's nice I like it so much..
Syed Ibrar
The option is not there inside button and gesture to activate google assistant with power button, any sugesstions?
Luis Pires
You should've added the double tap anywhere in home screen to lock the phone. Especially useful if you're using gestures. It's a op launcher setting, so you enable that by long tapping a blank space on home screen, home settings, double tap to lock.
Andrew Wells
Watching on op3 pie 9xegen 9.1 groovy
Nischal puri
These are all functions of OnePlus, nothing is new of Android pie..... Everything is already knew (waste of time)
I knew all the tips before, may I know where you got your case cover from?
Jack with Omar and Manana
if the camera, speaker and mic in oneplus 6t is good enough ..I will get that
shailesh jangid
Wallpaper link bro
Zhen Hong Ho
Hi, what clock widget are you using in this video?
deepu deepz
One plus 6 app locker is Missing in pie update
Trending TikTok
Pickup up call by just taking the mobile to ears .
Aayush Jain
@XtremeDroid can you share the link for the back-case for OP6 you're using? Thanks! :)
Vibhor Rajawat
Since ive updated to Android os 9 I'm facing calling issue because of i can barely hear the voice of other person.. Any solution for this?
Gaurav Morwal
What an amazing phone it is!
Costing almost half of pixel phones and provides almost same experience
Mallikarjun sarur
And 1more thing which s tat back case/cover?
Shai Baruch
Auto call regarding?? How can I turn it on?
There is no option ...
Justin Y.
Which icon pack are you using
Most of this options & so called tricks were existing even before Oxygen Os 9 ( Android 9 pie update) 🤦 as a matter of fact there is nothing much in new updates ...
crazy Hacker
Light theme + oriels icon pack is best setup
Amirul Haque Shipu
We learn some too much difficult tricks 😂😂 lol
Swagatam Kalita
after stock android oxygen os is the bestest skin in the world
Kevin Cunanan
Mine doesn't have call recording.
ThabsheeR Latheef
I cant get a call recorder settings in new update.what to do.?
Akhone Lohe
nothing new . Even emui 8 has all this
Hidden Space, Low Light Face Unlock help and the Edit Button after taking Screenshots were available before. Do more Research please! But still I learned quite a few things I didn't know!
subhranshu mihir dash
Not the stable versions review as Google assistant from power button is not available on stable update
SnazTastic Kobe
watching video, but I'm on iOS 😂
Kuntal Kanani
Lift up mode 💥
Ghaith Ballich
I live in the US and I do not have the call recording option in my settings
Ankur Yadav
Now this assistant function has been gone in OP6 ..
Vijay CBI
Oneplus 6t 👍come soon default this features..
Till Rink
I have the op 6 but I can't do callrecording.. very sad
Nayan Tambe
Plzz give me your icon pack Link?
Mansoor Khalid
How to ad quick lock in power button ?
Aakash Deep
I just updated to stable Android 9 , Can you make a video how to install digital well being without root ? , or is it even possible. ? thanks in advance
What icon pack are you using?
Anas Sarguru
Can you tell me that from where you buy the covers of Oneplus 6
LáSt ŪçhïHã
Link for the wallpapers?😘
girish makhija
already know
nothing new 😑
Felix Brul
I don't know why but ever since i updated my OP6 to android p, i have issues with my camera not opening for like 30sec, this problem also appears while using camera apps like Snapchat which is really annoying. Has someone a solution ?
Maheen Ahsan
How do you clean cached data on Android P OnePlus?
rukesh reddy
What's the icon pack used in the video??..looks colourful
Abhii Reddy
I am not having long press Google assistant and quick pay in android pie #help me
Maheen Ahsan
What's the icon pack are you using?
Mohit Radadiya
This video mobile cover mere ko chahiye kese milega
Deep Dand
what phone cover are you using?
Akmal Tahar
Hi Sir! May I know what phone case did you use for your OnePlus 6? Thank you
Tech With Aniket
Watching on S9 Plus
Vijay CBI
Oneplus 6 have screen record option, to record game play its here? or not comment plzz
Vivek Anand
Which mobile case are you using please provide the link
Craig Jukes
Hardly tips and tricks...this is everyday stuff, how on earth can you say tips and tricks. Idiot.
Amrita Sapkota
Some of the inbuilt apps like calculator does not open & insted says "calculator keeps stopping" what could be the reason & solution? Please help.
RS Telecom
How to oneplus 6 call recorder
Ronit Bhowmick
can you please let me know which cover are you using..??
debraj ghosh
Which bumper case you are using looks cool. Kindly share the link if u buy it from online.. :)
Chaitanya V
Can u pls provide the link for the case u r using on ur phone?
Mallikarjun sarur
Hi, how I can get soall these features on 3T?
Susheel Chandra
There is no Google assistant feature man. Where on the earth you got that update from
Link for that jared leto joker wallpaper..?
Most of these features were already there before android p ..
vinay jadhav
Where's the 'cache clear' option in oxygen os pie in one plus 6??
TriBe Crucial
Can't wait till I get my one plus 6t
Ravi sindhu
Name the icon pack you are using?
sameer kumar
Hey users of one plus 6 or 6t can I know where to connect via wps is moved couldn't find it in wifi settings?
Bro which launcher you are using in this video ?
Mil Dav
i have the screenshot edit feature on emui 3
taqdeer Raaz
How to open to screen simultaneously in op 6 kindly suggest
Vikas Sharma
Finally planning to optin for oneplus on amazon sale
mukesh patel
Mai oxygen os ka beta version use kar raha hu isse mere phone ko risk to nhi hai
Hashir Siddiqui
What icon pack is that?
The Gold K
6:20 When will oxygen os get its own inbuilt game recording feature ?
Faisal Sheliya
which icon pack are u using???
Ashutosh Valvi
Give me wallpaper Link there are you used in this video...
santanu sarkar
Slow motion video lagging in Oxygen OS 9. A video of is already uploaded and you can clearly see there. Try to make a video on this issue so that OP will fix it in next update.
Ravi sindhu
which icon pack you are using?
Muhammed Ahmed
which is better android p gesture or full screen gesture according to you all
namo rin
The clear cache button in storage was removed after the update. How do i clear cache now?
Valentino Rossi 46
Is there a option to reboot the phone in Pie ?
Have been struggling to find an answer since a long time
Erik Leypoldt
Why doesn't the ambient mode show the weather like the latest Pixels?
Prakash verma
Hello bro please help my Asus zenfone selfie model running lollypop version I was need upgrade my android version it's safe?? Please reply
The Freemo Guy
No call recording on the stable pie
Sudheer Ram
Can I get the link to buy mobile case you have?
Sohail Malik
Button screen rotation is not available on my pie oneplus 6 why ?