Android Q Beta 4 is Out! - What's New?

Google released Android Q Beta 4 to developers and beta testers today. Android Q is the new version of Android and available to test on Pixel, Pixel 3a, OPPO,OnePlus, Xioami and many more devices. I show you all the new features including notification changes, dark mode tweaks, home screen changes and more on the Pixel 3 XL. #androidq #madebygoogle #android

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Android Q Changes -

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1 069 комментариев
Jordan Reyes
These operating systems are starting to look very similar....
Jadon Williams
For the back swipe being a little slow as you said, you don't have to swipe and hold, just a quick flick and it's much faster
dark assasin
The app closing animation
look sick
Yasir Anower
Most of the features are already in One UI
Ashish Zachariah
I like your camera quality which you use for recording, looks quite different from other reviewers 😎👍
C2 Soul
MIUI user:
- 1.7GB update
- didn't notice any difference 😁😁😁
Anton Koshenkov
Good job there! You're the only one who did beta 4 review on YouTube so far, thanks!
Android & iPhone: we're bringing a dark mode in the future update, also Android, We're giving you accent color as well.

Old Lumia phones: We've been there along time agoo 😂
Luciano Kopacz
Damn that's smooth as iOS :D give me that animation and gestures on my Galaxy s10 and it will be the Perfect smartphone
Haresh Patel
the way you explain these beta updates is in another level. keep it up 👍
Kevin Davis
Lol, I like the ocean color as well, and the Pixel presence at the bottom of the lockscreen is showing up outside the US.
Great update, thanks.
Aiman Nizam
huawei user can't relate
Denzel Dickenson
Finally I was looking for a video ever since the articles were out
The font for the clock is a little bit bigger... This man's definition for bigger is questionable.
Are those wallpapers pixel specific will they come to other devices too.
NeoX Ikaros
Thank You, I actually didn’t know this came out :-)
John Kurokawa
Great wallpaper- thanks!
How it's your device is so smooth animation....?
Chess Gremlin 69
Face unlock might be in
settings >security >smart lock > face unlock
And if not there maybe go into security>trusted agents and enable smart lock.
Poonam Bisht
You're the best
You did it the first
Thank you for the link to that sweet wallpaper!
Rohit Roniya
Can you give the link of the wallpaper which you using in pixel 3xl
where do you get that wallpaper???
Mark Zanetti
Android 10....a lot of "a little bit different".
Swastik Bhoyar
The notification dismiss is fixed and this beta seems like a major improvement
David Chan
Noice! And i gotta wait until it comes to my Android one phone
Travis Roopnarine
Maybe the next Android update will feature a design thats lower half biased like OneUI.
Antonioadolfo80 Thompson
Good job! 👍
MAX Percentage
Super excited for the gesture navigation. One and only but massive feature I've been missing since switching from Honor to Pixel
Fedi bbm
cant beleive android Q is out and im still using oreo

why Huaweiii
Cruise Addiction's
and if you let me know I appreciate it buddy thank you
Imtiaz Mahmud
Yes I want face unlock in my Android..
Denzel Dickenson
Thank you I miss my rotation button yo
Mike Matthews
Thanks for the video. Can anyone confirm the Chase app works with this update?
should name android 10 Quindim

and not these lol quindim looks good lol looks like a peach lol sort of

Android 10 Qurabiya
Android 10 Queen of Puddings
Android 10 Qottab
Android 10 Quesito
Android 10 Queijadinha
Android 10 Quirks
Android 10 Quince
ara ara
Make the back gesture into tapping the pill
That will make it better
Yet, Xiaomi hasn't updated their system image for the Mi 9 yet. For the Beta 3, even.
Jessy K
Noone else made video on beta 4. Thankyou for doing this.
ces two
is it the same as 4chan's q?
Benjamin P. Ellis
Thousand Foot Krutch
Stanley jean-baptiste
I like the gesture navigation more and more I think by full release it will be solid!
GG merah
Lol i have those all features from my custom rom. :3
in next Android 10, i just want product sans font become default font.
darf Vador
Google's stock features are finally catching up to Samsung One UI ....I feel like I can do all those features on One UI
Vism33 33msiV
Yeah I don't have that face thingy either. But she runs really smooth
Wedith Bimsara
Can't support xiaomi mi a2 128gb
Suryansh Patel
You are actually doing the back swipe wrong. You need a swift swipe for it to happen. Great showcase otherwise!
Ridwan Fadil Arif
MIUI will ruin this updates, as always.
Sohail Ahmed Sheikh
Nothing so much new and useful 😣
Saurabh Dhaul
Good video and yes not many changes in this update. A bit disappointing though
Basic B
Thats pixel 3 XL? Wow! Your hand is so big.
One Man's Dream
Actually google is the fastest company that copycat from Apple
Hey guys iOS 13 just interdused 2 days ago
Sahibul Huq
Camera 2 api will be enabled automatically?
Nishant Parikh
OnePlus 6T India didn't got the update yet
The ota beta update came to my Essential last night and finally brought back my LTE. The original beta download locked my sim and I haven't been able to surf the web for WEEEEKS. So good job Google!
Black Hole
Good to finally see actual oled dark mode and accent color theming on stock android.
As a custom rom user, I always wondered why Google doesn't add that.

The back gesture is like that on miui.
(Can you go back of you swipe from the right?)
I'm glad Google went with miui like gestures coz it's the skin with best nav gesture implementation imo.

Also the sharing panel is much faster now! Thank goodness! It always felt so clunky slow and annoying in the previous versions.

Quite happy with the little tweaks and improvements with Android Q

It will be perfect if Google can add scrolling screenshots and native screen recorder (with internal audio recording)
How exactly do you move the power menu to the bottom of the screen? "Using ABD, not in options?" On mine it doesn't have that "show cards and passes" option under gestures. 🥺☹️ Oh well. Lol
Monesh S
Bring on the final release!
Mahesh Adsul
Accent colour is ripped off from windows Phone
Wendy Koek
Dark mode looks good on the Pixel
Nice features
From my experience
it need more improvements to optimize the battery life especially for older device like my 1st gen Pixel
The Critical Intensivist
Bro, you DID NOT check the recent apps or overview menu.. most people hate the horizontal list of the opened overview apps.. unlike the anroid oreo which is put in vertical manner.
Rohit kumar
How to enable power menu in bottom plzz tell ADB command
Zaed Android
Black colour background can save battery.
Christian Aceves
The wallpaper is so beautiful
midhun mahesan
Can do update nokia 7 plus?
Nimalesh war
That Night mode wallpaper looks similar.
rutgoner manutdr7
how i get the home wallpaper,love it
Uz. I
Very good, thanks.👍🏽
Calvin Paiva
This guy is fast af boiii❤️
i sure hope so Mi A1 wil get android 10, this is by far best phone for budget users, only need android 10 for it to last another year or two.
Face Authentiication is in security and location then scroll down for smart lock I believe.
sabari nath s s
Link of your homescreen wallpapers please
So excited to get this update on my Huawei pro. Oh wait....
Dz Amine
Way better than IOS 13 🔥
How can I activate the cards and pass them on my pixel?
Sambit Mohanty
I use 'Boost for Reddit' too!
Eîï Ýáś Dz
How Oppo f11 pro ? Notre support update Q ?
Apple support watcing this
mark quizon
Its on my s9 plus ONE UI
I hope there is a Timer for the Always on Display in Q.
Abir Hasan
Android p and android Q got so many new features but in our miui there is no feature of Android 😞 im regretting buying a Xiaomi phone
#Broken Mathew
To bad my mind only swipes notifications one direction now
Please share the Wallpaper from the 3a!
Rishabh Youtube
Link for that wallpaper plz?
Møses 228
My LG G7 Thinq doesn't even have Android 9
Mrunal TechMan
Does it support VOLTE for the sim network
largon 03
This thing looks buttery smooth..
if im not wrong, the face authentication is hidden in smart lock
Is it available for Honor Play??
Can it work for the Realme 3?
I want a pixel 3 xl because of your notch hidding wallpaper
Miui navigation gesture 😂😂
Donovan Turney
How do I get power options on bottom. Where's that command line he was talking about?
Devesh Sharma
This thin gesture bar looks weird on current pixels, google is gearing up for the bezel less pixel 4!
Justin Jones Sr
Can you compare iOS 13 beta dark mode to android q dark mode?
Pråßhåñt Æryå
Can i change font and theme in android Q
Luis Santiago
When I try tu put IT un the steps just said pixel,I can download for my Galaxy 10e in the same description the you live here?
Miku Hatsune
This OS is Nothing in Huawei's EMUI ....
Mine still says qpp3...