Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 9.0 Pie Official!

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Complete tour of the fresh new Update for the Xiaomi Mi A2 that brings Android 9.0 Pie.
It's cleaner and smoother!

Mi A2 Amazon 160€:

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Android One
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Austin Cower
It's my first time here and i must say, you have definitely a unique way of reviewing.

No loud annoying music
Simple background
Through all the new differences
Amazing hand getsure for describing
Star-Lord Gaming
Your videos has quality which everyone doesn't. The only thing missing in your videos is Voice. Hope you will add it soon. This is my favourite channel to watch unboxing videos & ROM review.
Beto Cabrer
Excelente teléfono,lo tengo desde unas semanas y estoy muy contento, felicitaciones por el vídeo!
Raynaldi Azhary
my mi A2 stuck in android one logo when booting and repeat like that until now. can you help me to solve this issue
Lázaro Jesús Barreto Guerrero
Aun no funciona bien el smart lock, lo activas y luego se desactiva deja de funcionar...
Tuấn Nguyễn
when in vietnam
Como faz pra voltar ao 8.1.0 por favor me ajudem
Valentin Leon
Nice video!! Did you notice something in the brightness of the screen?? I just updated my Xiaomi mi a2 Lite and the brightness should be at least 45%-50% so you can see indoors, before the update with 15% of brightness was enough.
Germán Ferro
Great way of showing new features. Keep up the good work!
Муниса Джаббаркулова
Αγγελος Χότζα
Know's someone when will came in Greece??
Is there any improvement in sound preset for usb type-c earphone?
assem syria
Ineed this wallpaper plzz
Me Trade
Mi A2 Lite
Mustafa Arif
In Bangladesh using mi 6x I havent received it yet
stas chorny
Great video! Because of you i got Mi A2 :D and love it! (But no pie for me yet..)
Any improvement on the battery life with adaptive battery?
ceo of racism
I love android one
Alguém Me Responde!! Esse mi A2 Vem Com Película ?
Santiago Bardhi
Stefano Come e possibile che lei e in italia e ha installato PIE in Xiaomi Mi A2 .Anch io ho ma non si aggiorna e neanche Security Patch level ? Puo aiutarmi
Yudha Djaya PN
Keren sih
Hey dude, where I can find the first song???... Greetings...
Federico Ristori
Muy bueno el video, buen trabajo !
Alphaeus Maximus
Erwin BR
You need to zoom it. It's too far
Gaetano Lucifora
Ciao. Complimenti. come hai fatto l'aggiornamento?
Bánh.Mì.Thịt BMT
Làm sao tắt ba nút điều hướng nhờ àd
austin powerzxx
first soundtrack name please
brendalise fresneda
i love it on google fi
Dr.vivek Murthy
Guys it's only for India yet
...so chill u''ll get in week or two
Terrence Louie Tagz
It may just make your systems slower if you keep on updating over time. :(
Awesome awesome awesome video bro!!! this helps me a lot in decision taking.
in not buying a huawei with a kirin 710 (supposedly better performace than SD660) and buy the A2 instead ;)
Сергей Павлов
Dude, what is the name of the first song/track? Please answer, it's super awesome!
can you do a battery test ?
Rista Anto
Mi A3 wait.....
James Sebastian
can you lock apps on mi a2 without third party apps?
A Vaz
Global version USA?
Bhai Oreo Android m mi a2 ka Wi-Fi or hotspot dono ik hi time pr on rh skta tha to 9 pie m kyu nhi
francesco pham
Watching this on mi A2 with Android 9 pie
Ahmed Karson
Is it official
Money Money
I still havent received an update
jaje wala jass
After update problem in phone ringing. When incoming call phone ringing slow motion please check
Junior Viana
Isso não é novidade não esse celular sempre vai ser atualizado
jekkam issam
Deyvid Moura
adicionam gestos, mas deixam a barra ocupando a tela
no pill button?
How about battery life?
Minute 3.37 link song please...
Selman Muslu
Are there any theme app os something like that. Oh common Google, I want theme or theme app from you guy sooooooo badd
Создание игр на Android
Отлично, кто знает на ксиаоми редми 4х будет обновление?
how can I leave my home screen equal to the video (0:16) google bar on the bottom and without the fixed shortcuts bar
First song name please...
Nikita Storm
And do not need Google Pixel. Everything is the same in Mi A2
Tengo un problemita con la actualización me salió directamente sin hacer ningún truco pero luego de terminar estaba todo bien hasta que lo conecté a su cargador y ahora solo lo reconoce durante 7 segundos y luego se desconecta automáticamente como si desconectaras el USB me estaba volviendo loco y con poca batería a punto de morir cuando se me ocurrió apretar el botón de encendido 3 segundos y conectar el cable USB y seguir manteniendo el botón el celular se reinicio y luego encendió ya cargando y mantuvo la carga . Pero el problema aún persiste no carga adecuadamente sin hacer ese procedimiento si alguien sabe como volver a la versión anterior o alguna ayuda por favor
Deepkesh Sethiya
A2 me face lock kyo nhi aa raha hai
Ciao, è disponibile anche per mi a2 lite?
Mohamed Afsal
Ohh. It's really a awesome to use an a phone mia2 with this Android 9 pie. There are many features in this update..sprb and awsm
Abdul Hakim
Thanks to Android Pie now Mi A2 earphone type-c now more clear sound..i dont need dongle when that earphone have type-c on the connector.
Sir mi a2 m pahle blacklist ka option tha but update pie ke bad blacklist ka option nhi aa rha h q plzz reply
F***** China phone
Ismayil Magerramov
12/11/2018 still dont have this update
Wayne Aung
Still don't have it yet
Hi, when using it in dual sim mode, is it possible to associate a contact to a sim? Thanks
Mayur Kadhane
After pie update front camera flash facing problem it doesn't on when im set on flash on option .
Check all users if u also having this issue or refer solution for this
Nitanshu Sharma
please make antutu score after pie update
Are you now able to switch the "back" and "recent apps" buttons? Or do you know any way how to do this on the Xiaomi A2 with Android One?
Edgar Elias Tom
Why is the pie on mi a2 different from that on the pixel or other Android one phones?
Ismayil Magerramov
Guys i have good news , go and update it , android 9.0 pie available already , thank you
nop anomimus
I want this phone ❤️
Kakak Ocong
anoni mus
Ma è vero che ce un bug con il lettore d impronta,fa scaricare di molto la batteria,durando 3/3:30 con scermo attivo?
Jerry Francis
Still nice though
Ondra V
How is possible have to get 56 minutes of SoT and have 66 % battery?
Suraj Kadav
Алексей Соколов
Where is Markup?? Where is Dashboard???
Shado D. Fin
só vou comprar essa porra por causa do infravermelho e porque é baratinho.
Akash Bose
Can i sleep my device without power button in this update?
Dee Jay
Anyones 4G isn't working? And instead operating off of 3G after this update
chandreswar sharma
Note 5 pro ko milega sir pie update.
Jerry Francis
We all haven't gotten it and we are all worldwide
Rafael Tavares
Ainda tem o problema do sensor de proximidade ?
Ziad Ibrahim
لو سمحت ازاي اعمل مشاركه لكلمه المرور الواي فاي اللي متصل بيها واعمل حمايه التطبيقات ازاي
Angelo Paparella
La fotocamera ha dei miglioramenti con l'aggiornamento ufficiale?
Ismayil Magerramov
its officially available , update it !
Arthur NB
Hi...Team stefano giove. ..I have still Android 8.0 oreo.... should I update to change the Android 9 pie??..... please reply...thanks
salvatore allocca
Ciao ragazzi... Qualche possessore di Mi A2 potrebbe dirmi se ha problemi col sensore di prossimità?
Bro I have the MI A2 and the upgrade isn't there. So help me please
Jerry Francis
This was flashed rom
death wish A.A
Just me had a problem with frontal camera with this actualization?
Sabin Kaji karki
Why update
I will not be updating to Pie simple reason I can't move the search option at the bottom of the screen.
does it have face recognition or nah?
Georgi Dimitrov
Is there an update for mi a2 lite
Ferdinando Angellotti
Is It possibile to Force the OTA?
Jonatha Carvalho
Meu não recebeu ainda
Still watting for it
Kamal Miah
I have a mi A2 lite and I have not got it yet in the UK pal
still no double tap to wake. android stock is so limited compared to miui
Alen Fetahovic
My mi a2 is android pie and not animation on home button tach why?